Responsive web design

Over the past year, the amount of people who visit the EELA.ORG website using a smartphone or small tablet has grown considerably. The previous design of the website did not accommodate these people very well. Therefore, EELA commissioned Mediaweb to re-design the website so it would better cater for these people.

Conferences by EELA partner ERA

- Germany

Comercial Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process; all parties must consent to participate in good faith and work toward a mutually agreeable resolution. The mediating parties are not bound to resolve their dispute. If mediation ends without a settlement, the parties can take their dispute to court. But if a settlement is reached the mediated settlements can be made binding.

- Austria

Staff Leasing in Germany

Staff leasing in the high-wage sector The staff leasing market in Germany is an important instrument, easing up the strongly regulated labor markets in Europe as well as in the United States.

- Germany

Compliance and Employment Law

Compliance management will become a kind of "worldwide standard": There are liability risks for acting persons, which increase the risk of personal claims against management and supervisory bodies for damages arising through regulatory investigations and sanctions (as well as possible image damage as a consequence thereof). Those claims could have been prevented or defused by means of compliance systems. Revenue pressure on managers will continue to increase, which ultimately leads to their having to take even greater risks. Therefore, it is in the interest of managing directors and executive boards, but also supervisory bodies, to minimize their personal liability risks. An essential element in doing so is the introduction of a well-designed compliance management.