Conferences by EELA partner ERA

- Netherlands

Working after the state pension age

The Working after the State Pension Age legislative proposal was adopted by the Upper House of the Dutch Parliament on 29 September 2015. It enters into force on 1 January 2016. The new Act will significantly restrict the obligation to continue the wage payments of a sick employee when he or she reaches the state pension age. Other obligations in relation to old age pensioners will also be relaxed.

- Lithuania

The Lithuanian Supreme Court has established a significant precedent shifting direct liability to the Manager of the Company

The Civil Code of Lithuania (the Civil Code) lays down in Article 6.264 vicarious liability, according to which an employer is liable to pay compensation for the damage caused through the fault of his employee in the course of their employment. However, in its recent judgment of 26 October 2015 (case No. 3K-7-328-248/2015), the Supreme Court of Lithuania (the Supreme Court) has extended the liability by shifting it directly to the Manager in the case when the company has been liquidated because of bankruptcy and the damage has not been compensated fully and the fault of the Manager is stated by the judgment in criminal proceedings.